Directive Analytics

Make The Best Strategic Decisions and
Mitigate Risk

Be Proactive In Making Well Informed And Researched
Decisions To Get Desired Outcomes

Directive Analytics is another innovative solution by Coltech. This software is used by financial institutions,
government agencies, healthcare companies and other highly-intensive data industries for analyzing the data and
transforming it into actions to be taken almost instantaneously. Directive Analytics is the next step to the world of
insight-based actions.

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Analyst's Journal

Analyst's Journal is your ultimate guide for optimizing the value of complex amount of information
through visual intelligence. The clients can use this intuitive and contextual design to organize, analyze
and visualize data from varied sources while minimizing the time required in exploring key statistics in complex data.
Analyst's Journal delivers timely, actionable intelligence to assist identify, predict, prevent and disrupt fraudulent,
criminal and terrorist activities.

The Most Sophisticated

Process with Superior Technology


Define Project

We work on project outcomes, deliverables, scoping of the effort, business objectives and identify the data sets that are to be used.


Data Analysis

Once the data is assembled, it goes in for inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling for the purpose of getting filtered information.


Data Collection

We collect and organize data from varied sources for analysis. The point is to get complete view of customer interactions.



Here the data is enabled for assumptions, hypothesis and can be tested using the standard and up to date statistical models.



Our process provides the capability to automatically come up with accurate prognostic models for the future that you can choose from.



Deploy the results in every day decision making processes to get desired results, reports and outcomes by automating decision based on modeling.