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The most popular solution by Coltech – Prognostic Analytics is your ultimate tool for amalgamating the most
contemporary analytics modules covering ad-hoc statistical analysis, prognostic modeling, text analytics, data mining,
optimization, entity analytics, real-time scoring, machine learning and much more

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Coltech's SPSS Modeler is the most innovative software application for text analytics and data mining. This software is primarily used for building prognostic models and conducting other analytical tasks. The innovative software has a user-friendly visual interface for allowing the clients to leverage statistical and data mining algorithms without the need of programming



SPSS Statistics is another advanced software application by Coltech which represents an amalgamation of products that caters to the entire analytical process - starting from the first phase of planning to the following data collection, analysis, reporting and executing. You can choose from more than 15 integrated modules that is the best for enhancing your business performance.


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Identify key individuals within target networks more quickly using social network analysis



Combine association, temporal and geospatial data visualization to provide multidimensional views and aid comprehension



Identify and highlight relevant information faster with a powerful range of analysis and visualization capabilities



Use multiple methods of representing information within a chart to support dynamic thought processes