Media Analytics


The signature product of Coltech is Media Analytics - providing accurate TV viewership ratings from across
Pakistan. From all regions with a sample size of 2000, obtain simplified and error free viewership reports for your channels.

For the purpose of media ratings we have privately done establishment surveys. In this regard, we outsourced enumerators who provided
results from sample audience. In addition, technicians from different regions of the country were also hired to install our boxes in
2000 houses. The data from these boxes is gathered by Coltech's team of professionals to ensure maximum data security.

There was a market gap prevailing in Pakistan's media rating system, which is filled by Coltech's premium technology. The company has
exclusively introduced boxed with integrated video pixel technology to provide authentic media ratings. In addition, Coltech has made strategic
alliance with Famco, where by the latter has acquired the exclusive rights to franchise Coltech's technology to market.

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Channel Viewership Analytics

Channel Viewership Analytics makes use of different demographic variable and couple it with TV viewership
data received by our technology to provide accurate data. Different Channel and
Media Groups use this report to identify their standings.

The Journey to offer
Media Analytics


Our technology to offer media ratings is based on sample size of 2000 homes in different areas of Pakistan. The GRP ratings are based on an interval of 24 hour.


Our technology receives the data on what the consumer is watching based on primary matching source to provide results.


Our boxes capture information on what's being viewed, when and by whom.


Just select the variables like time interval, region and date to generate simple reports for viewership data.